Co2 diffusors and reactors

Co2 diffussors and reactors are generally used in the aquarium industry for dissapation of co2 into a tank.  The Aquarium plants tank the co2 and use it.


Aqua Medic Circular CO2 Reactor

What is the Aquamedic Co2 circular reactor?

This Circular reactor works by allowing the gas to spiral through it increasing the contact time with the water allowing increased disapation in the aquarium.

Aqualine Buschke membrane reactor double, CO2 4 chamber

This is the 4 stage membranne diffussor by aqua medic.

Co2 gasses pass through these small pores then into your aquarium.  This unit is pretty effective for smaller type tanks.


Glass co2 diffusor

This is an all glass and ceramic disc with an internal spiral as well 3 spirals only

Dupla co2 Check Valve

Bubble Counter Liquid 60 ml

Non Powered carbon dioxide reactor

Power Reactor

Power Vortex Reactor SMALL UNIT

The Cyclonic Vortex of CO2 gas is more efficient than passive reactors. The small  (4” X 4” 3”) size makes the Vortex Reactor ideal for smaller tank sizes from 5 to 30 gallons.

Reactor 1000 - External CO2 Reactor. For Aquariums up to 500 gallons Aqualine Bushke Aquamedic

Reactor 1000 - External CO2 Reactor. For Aquariums up to 500 gallons.