Co2 Tanks

Our carbon dioxide aluminum tanks have been used for years in many applications from aquarium uses, hydroponic plant growing and home brewing, beer making.

Why do we suggest the largest size co2 tank that will fit in the space you are going to use it?  

1.  Co2 of the tank.  Prices of tanks are not much different

2.  Cost of refills.  When refillling a canister it is almost as expensive to fill a 2.5 lb as a 5 lb canister so you might as well get the one that is going to last you 2 x as long.

3. Aluminum so much lighter than Steel so this is much easier to easy to transport.

4. All with new hydro test dates

2.5 lbs co2 tank

2.5 lbs co2 tank or canister.  One of the smaller tanks we carry at a small price.  This unit is a gem as it is easily transportable.

5 lbs co2 cylinder with brass valve

5 lbs co2 tank. Keep that Keg Ready!!

This is one of our best sellers.  Used in many industries including off road  if you can believe that.

5.5" Diameter
18.25" Height
1800 PSI
CGA-320 Valve

10 lbs canister co2 tank with brass valve

10 lbs canister co2cylinder with brass valve

Aluminum tanks are new and certified with recent date stamp for CO2 use in aquarums, beverage dispensing such as home brewing beer. A CO2 valve is included with a standard fitting for easy connection to all regulators. Cylinders are shipped empty due to safety concernsEasy Carry Handle
Includes Carrying handle for free

20 lbs co2 canister with brass valve

20 lbs co2 canister with brass valve

35 lbs co2 tank with brass valve

35 lbs co2 tank with brass valve


What this heck do people use co2 for?

What this heck do people use co2 for?