Co2 Proof Tubing

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Don't waste your hard earned $ and have wasted gas leaking through the pores of your line.

Get our co2 proof tubing that will save you a ton of $ on the long run.
Fits on standard regulators such as the ma957and is used in many industries.


CO2-Proof Tubing 100


CO2-Proof Tubing -
Normal airline tubing can lose up to 20% of CO2 through its membrane. Silicone tubing reacts w/ CO2 and render it less efficient (thus the silicone hardening over time under CO2 usage). Our special CO2 Resistant Tubing loses less than 1% of CO2. Also perfect for saltwater use (eg: Kalkreaktor). Rated Class I for both CO2 and saltwater applications. Unlike other so-called CO2 Tubing which is rigid, ours is soft and flexible. Choose between transparent green, transparent blue and black. 4/6mm -ID/OD.


CO2-Proof Tubing 200


CO2-Proof Tubing
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CO2-Proof Tubing 50FT

Great for any application that demands the best

CO2-Proof Tubing by the FT



(PER FT) 12 ft minimum