C02 - Nitrogen Beverage Regulators

Great for the Aquarium industry, home brewing and beverage supply.

These Gas regulators provide a varity of functions in many fields of the industry.  Single gauge and double gauge co2 and nitrogen units available.


The REB Series flow guage regulator offers an economical alternative to more expensive flow meter units.

WESTERN Model REB-3-FGD Flow Meter Assembly

WESTERN Model REB-3-FGD Flow Meter Assembly


5740 High Flow Primary Regulator

This is for direct mount and perfect for many applications

Can Achieve a direct flow of 9 scfm

7550-60 PSIG Primary Beer Regulator

This is an ideal regulator for co2 (CGA320) or nitrogen (CGA580).  Used in the aquarium industry when a solenoid is not needed and beer making - beverage industry.

Pre set 50 PSIG Secondary Beer Regulator

These are secondary regulators all made to further reduce the pressure from a primary unit.  Mainly used in beer and wine making.