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Helium Ballon Inflators + Regulators

Need To fill up those ballons?  Well you will need the helium ballon inflators or regulators and a tank ya clown. :)

Never before has it been easier to mak ballon inflating a breeze.  Just attach the regular  and you are ready to begin filling with helium.


Western® Balloon Inflator With Handtight Nut And Gauge CGA 580 RPB-6HG


WESTERN ENTERPRISES BALLOON FILLER, W/ HANDTIGHT CONNECTION & CYLINDER CONTENTS GAUGE.  Lets get the party started and start it quick.  Fill your Ballons with ease with the the Helium Regulator by Western Enterprises

RPB-6 SeriesRegulator
:Economy Tilt Valve Inflators Our most popular latex inflator features a piston regulator design with rubber tilt valve for fast inflation of latex balloons

Get your tank and you are ready to go with this Helium Ballon Inflator.  Easy to use. 

Single gauge.

RPB-6 Series:DeluxeTilt Valve Inflators RPB-6H


Economy Helium Inflators

Regulator Type:
CGA Connection:
CGA 580
Inflator Type:
Hand Tight
Valve Type:
Assembly, Rubber Tilt


Balloon Inflator BR1G

Economy model Brig Helium Inflator
Economy "handtight and gauge" inflator.
Easy to use
The most economical handtight/gauge inflator available in the market.

Basic Balloon Inflator

No gauge on this simple guy
Regulator: Basic economy rental balloon inflator. Features horizontal one-piece construction, tilt valve, and a handtight connection

we- BR1/R125

Basic Balloon Inflator With Gauge

Basic Balloon Inflator With Gauge  
Helium Regulator: The most economical handtight & gauge balloon inflator on the market today

Br2-hg Economy Tilt Valve Balloon Inflator

Regulator: Delivers speedy filling for latex balloons. Piston type, handtight design. Comes with a tie hook and a gauge

BR4HG- Deluxe Dual Balloon Inflator

The Deluxe model with all the bells and whistles for filling and inflating ballons. BEST HELIUM INFLATOR
Helium Regulator: Deluxe foil and latex balloon inflator. Automatic shut-off for mylar balloons. Comes complete with handtight, contents gauge, tie hook and ribbon cutter.

B4GHT-06: Helium/Air Mixer Inflator

West Winds 60/40 helium/air mixer inflator is ideal for using when your customers are giving away balloons at a special event.
Mixing air with helium allows you to get more balloons from your helium tank. (Floating time decreases.) Pays for itself after two events!

Dual Fill Inflator BR22HG

Ideal for rapid completion of balloon releases and large decorating jobs. These inflators allow two or three people to inflate balloons from the same cylinder at the same time.

Allows two people to inflate balloons from the same cylinder. An adjustable outlet pressure assures sufficient filling requirements. Ideal for rapid completion of balloon releases and large decorating jobs. Includes handtight cylinder connections, contents gauge, adjustable pressure dial and tie hooks.

  • Adjustable outlet pressure assures sufficient filling requirements.
  • Includes tie hooks and cutters at each outlet.
  • Evenly positioned to ensure cylinder stability with multiple workers.
  • Triple Fill Inflator BR33HG

    Triple Inflator with Tilt Valves, Handtight Connection, Gauge, Tie Hooks and Cutters.


    This unit is designed for use with a variety of self-sealing latex balloons.
  • Push down valve with needle tip for fast inflation.
  • Accepts various latex tip attachments for a variety of applications.
  • Western westwinds
  • BR72HG

    Dual Foil filler with latex tilt valve, tie hook and ribbon cutter included.

    RPB-5-1T Deluxe Rental Inflator.

    Tie Hook for RPB-5-1T Deluxe Rental Inflator.