Sms122 Ph Co2 Controller

One of the best controllers on the market for measuring co2.

Used widly in the Aquarium industry the sms122 by Milwukee instruments has made an impact on the market.  This Controller works with the ph in your tank.  The sms122 ph controller is a quality product.

Sms 122 Ph Co2 Controller

The Milwaukee Instruments SMS122 PH CONTROLLER reliable design makes it a leader in the aquarium industry. This sturdy dc powered unit will automate the dosing of CO2 in your tank maintianing a stable ph for all inhabitants. 

Acessories for the Sms122

Dont forget to get these add on units.  You will need the 10.0 solution for saltwater use if getting the controller as it only comes with the 7.0 calibration solution.

Sms122 Ph controller is a great buy for many applications.  Feel free to email us with any questions you may have about this product. aa