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We are going to try to give you some info on uses of some of the different products we offer and our best  co2 regulators tanks and other gas gauge type equipment.

Chat log for freshwater planted aquarium co2 gas

This customer had many questions on co2 gas, planted aquariums, regulators,  and more.   She went with a milwakee co2 regulator setup and reactor 1000

8:52:58 AM [Visitor] what will the upgrade to the reactor 1000 get me
8:53:11 AM [Jason G] The reactor 1000 is what you need for your size tank
8:53:16 AM [Visitor] Sorry also thought you were Marc
8:53:32 AM [Visitor] So these reactors are for different size tanks?
8:53:39 AM [Jason G] it can hook up to your exisiting canister filter as long as your filter is strong enough
8:53:46 AM [Jason G] yes
8:53:49 AM [Visitor] Does it go inside my tank?
8:54:01 AM [Jason G] 125 gallon and up would be the r 1000
8:54:05 AM [Visitor] That is the most expensive one
8:54:06 AM [Jason G] out site
8:54:09 AM [Jason G]  hangs on back
8:54:12 AM [Visitor] great
8:54:25 AM [Jason G] tthe ractor 1000 sits outside that is
8:54:32 AM [Visitor] Does this system tank any special co2 cartridge?
8:54:37 AM [Jason G] man my typing is terrible today
8:55:44 AM [Jason G] no you would still need a co2 tank - canister    These are the aluminum tanke we sell.  We suggest the largest canister that will fit in your avaiailble space as the cost of refilling a 5 lber vs a 10 lb tank is almost the same but will last you just as long
8:56:29 AM [Jason G]  a 20 lb tank may last you 8 months in your aqurium for freshwater use for saltwater use even longer
8:57:47 AM [Visitor] Tell me about the hoods. I have a glass insert that sits on a lip and closes the top. If I use a CO2 won't that space become void of oxygen and my fish suffer? Will have have to have an open top?
8:58:06 AM [Visitor] Do all CO2 cartridges fit onto this system?
8:58:39 AM [Jason G] Freshwater or saltwater aquarium
8:58:43 AM [Visitor] DO I have to buy your CO2?
8:58:48 AM [Visitor] Freshwater tank
8:59:09 AM [Jason G] ok your plants should be produce the 02  when utilizing co2
8:59:19 AM [Jason G] Photosynthisizing
8:59:31 AM [Visitor] true but is that enough
8:59:40 AM [Jason G] The co2 tank is refillible at fire extinguisher refill shops
8:59:52 AM [Visitor] the systems I have seen local pet stores have an open top
9:01:08 AM [Jason G] you can have an open top if you prefer that is not a requirement though
9:01:40 AM [Visitor] I prefer a closed top so my fish don't jump out. Just wanted to know if it was ok
9:01:43 AM [Jason G] With proper lighting, nutrients and co2 freshwater plants pearl and that provides plenty of 02 in an aquarium
9:01:55 AM [Jason G] yes closed top is the standard
9:03:14 AM [Visitor] So this system is $186 + $79 +? for canister. Correct?
9:03:46 AM [Visitor] Then there is shipping.
9:03:57 AM [Jason G] unless you get the reactor the co2 reactor  for the aquarium  as this is additional
9:04:00 AM [Visitor] Trying to figure by out the door cost
9:04:17 AM [Visitor] The $79 is for the reactor
9:04:20 AM [Jason G] you can add all items to your cart and then choose your state and it will show exact s/h
9:04:37 AM [Visitor] Where are you located?
9:04:41 AM [Jason G] yes the aquamedic reactor 1000 is 79  
9:04:55 AM [Jason G] we are in st. charles mo right next to st. louis
9:05:15 AM [Visitor] Well I can get a system locally for around $300
9:05:26 AM [Visitor] which comes with advice and help
9:05:37 AM [Visitor] Is there a reason that your product is better?
9:05:46 AM [Jason G] what type of system is it
9:05:51 AM [Visitor] Not trying to be funny... just trying to know what to do.
9:06:14 AM [Visitor] I don't know anything about this and just getting into it as you have probably guessed
9:06:32 AM [Jason G] hard to compare without know a brand  so i can tell you advantages and disadvantages of one system over another
9:06:38 AM [Visitor] I don't know the system. I have no knowledge to judge the systems.
9:06:50 AM [Jason G] I will give you a break down on what our system does and has
9:07:32 AM [Jason G]  our units have the ma957  co2 regulator or jbj co2 regulator..   All with solenoid and bubble counters and solenoid valve.  This also includes calibration solutions 2  bottles of 7.0 calibration solution and one of cleaning solution  this is for the sms 122 by milwaukee
9:07:37 AM [Jason G] What is the sms22?
9:07:54 AM [Visitor] I was talking to president of Dallas Ft Worth aquatic club and he said I should be able to get a system for under $200, but don't know if this was a do it yourself type of thing where you get all components and but it together.
9:08:20 AM [Visitor] Good ? I dont know what that is
9:08:22 AM [Jason G] the sms 122 allows you to have precisision control of  your ph and co2 and have on off cycles
9:08:42 AM [Jason G] when ph is introduced into an aquarium what happens is ph drops
9:08:43 AM [Visitor] So it turns the system off and on as the Ph peaks and ebbs
9:08:49 AM [Visitor] I want that
9:09:01 AM [Jason G] Let me give you the whole picture
9:09:06 AM [Visitor] ok
9:09:54 AM [Jason G] Not good if your ph drops from 7.2 to 6.2 though is it?    What the sms 122 ph controller by milwaukee enables you to do is to have a set poing ph setting
9:09:59 AM [Jason G] theis set point lets you
9:10:12 AM [Jason G]  say hey i want my ph to be a stable 6.5 or 6.8
9:10:23 AM [Jason G] the co2 automatically turns the co2 off @ this set point
9:10:37 AM [Jason G] so it creats a stable ph
9:10:51 AM [Jason G] once it goes up .1 degree it turns back on
9:11:23 AM [Jason G] Other items included also would be the regulator and solenoid and bubble counter bubble counter fluid and co2 proof tubing
9:11:51 AM [Jason G] Co2 proof tubing loses less than 1% of its co2 through its pores so you are not wasting co2.
9:12:14 AM [Jason G] It also doe snot get hard and brittle like silcone wich loses apprx 10%
9:12:22 AM [Jason G] airline tubine loses approx 30%
9:12:40 AM [Jason G] Low end on what you could get if you did not want automation
9:12:55 AM [Jason G] 1 ma957 co2 regulator by milwaukee instruments or
9:13:01 AM [Jason G] 1 jbj co2 regulator
9:13:10 AM [Jason G] 1 co2 tank
9:13:23 AM [Jason G] that is the only thing you have to have
9:13:41 AM [Jason G] ok done typing here
9:14:09 AM [Jason G] what you probably saw was a regulator  some tubing and a tank would be my guess
9:14:37 AM [Jason G] the combo kit includes everything you really could want.   We do sell all components by themselves though
9:15:04 AM [Visitor] I want the entire system
9:15:20 AM [Visitor] I didn't know about the loss through the tubing
9:16:00 AM [Visitor] Is calibrating of the sms22 difficult?
9:16:07 AM [Jason G] the combo system by milwaukee or jbj with the upgraded reactor is the top of the lime best co2  set ups we offer that allows automation of planted freshwater aquariums then
9:16:13 AM [Visitor] And how often do you do it?
9:16:23 AM [Jason G] No calibrating the milwakess sms122 takes about 1 minute
9:16:51 AM [Visitor] I have also seen systems that somehow make the co2 with electrodes and don't require a tank.
9:16:55 AM [Visitor] Do you know about those?
9:16:55 AM [Jason G] once every 2 months i do on my freshwater planted tanks
9:18:00 AM [Jason G] yes Expensive in the long run (the electolosis) carbo pads  and depending on your current water parameters ( softness etc may not be effective @ all
9:19:38 AM [Jason G] just a quick search  shows
9:19:44 AM [Jason G]

Carbo Plus - 10-27-2006, 02:13 AM

Very difficult to justify the expense compared to tanked C02.

I was also not crazy about the low voltage electrolytic process in my systems. Low or not I thought the current was significant enough to agitate mucous membranes on fish. If anyone doubts that, they can purchase a 10 pack of 9V batteries and lick them till they're out of juice. If your tongue still fits in your mouth go apologize to the fish ! 

At an average cost of $40.00 per replacement block you can purchase quite a bit of Co2... never mind the fact that the product is a retail oddity that commands a premium price.

The product does in fact work as stated unless of course your system is grounded then you may have a problem !

I believe the Elite electrolytic units commonly sell on ebay for around $50.00 HTH. Prof M

9:20:04 AM [Jason G] 10-27-2006, 05:59 PM

Thank you all for the replies. Most educational!!!

I appreciate everyone's replies here and in other forums. There seems to be a generally mixed review of the product. Out of the replies, it seems to poll at
- 2 positive,
- 2 OK/so-so, and
- 6+ negative.

Primary positives appear to be:
- excellent CO2 source, and
- it is "mist"/dissolved

Major negatives appear to be:
- more maintenance needed and higher cost than 1st expected / it purports
- KH requires management, and
- degraded performance if maintenence and KH not properly attended to.

Other issues/concerns raised were:
- comparative total cost of ownership -vs- that of CO2 gas,
- size and/or fit of the CO3 block in "smaller" (less than 90 gal) tanks,
- the electrical charge / field in the water surrounding the unit, and
- lack of applicability in Marine tanks.

Thanks again to everyone.

9:21:49 AM [Visitor] So this calibration solution that comes with it should last me a while since there are 3 bottles and it is only done every couple of months.
9:22:07 AM [Jason G] Should last you over 3 years
9:22:52 AM [Jason G] the ma911/b/1 milwaukee  sms122 probe uses very little calibration solution
9:23:15 AM [Visitor] IS that the one you recommended to me?
9:23:46 AM [Jason G] no that is the probe that comes with the ph controller that is included in the aquarium combo package either the jbj or the milwaukee unit
9:25:59 AM [Visitor] But the one I need is the one you recommended right?
9:26:14 AM [Visitor] I want to make sure I get the right thing
9:26:22 AM [Jason G] yes this is the one you needed
9:27:35 AM [Visitor] Is it possible for you to put together the package I need complete with the CO2 cartridge and me just purchase it?
9:27:44 AM [Visitor] ALso how big is the 10 lb one.
9:27:56 AM [Visitor] I want it all to fit under the cabinet I have.
9:29:49 AM [Jason G] 7" Diameter
20.5" Height

9:30:05 AM [Jason G] 10 lber so add about 4 more inches for the regulator and tubing
9:30:38 AM [Visitor] So are we talking a height of 2 feet
9:33:25 AM [Visitor] I am surprised at the cost of the CO2
9:33:32 AM [Visitor] I thought it was like $10
9:33:39 AM [Visitor] that must have been to refil
9:33:50 AM [Jason G] yes the refill is cheap
9:33:53 AM [Visitor] or is that the cost at a welding shop?
9:34:12 AM [Visitor] the web says go to a local welding shop
9:34:25 AM [Visitor] Could I do that and it fit with your equipment?

9:35:57 AM [Jason G] yes you would take the tank and get it filled and refilled @ the welding should that would really be your only yearly cost involved with the running of this
9:36:35 AM [Visitor] Your tanks come empty. Could I get a tank locally that is already filled and it still fit with your system?
9:36:42 AM [Jason G] its not a small cartride though is is a tank that weighs about 13 lbs
9:37:57 AM [Jason G] sure you can get one locally it may be cheaper it may be more. all of our tanks are aluminun not steel so they are light weight.  We have the lowest cost on canisters though
9:38:25 AM [Visitor] SO if I have to get these refilled all the time why wouldn't I just want the smaller 5 lb tank so it's not so bulky to deal with? How long would that last in my tank under normal circumstances with about 15-20 /L in my water?
9:39:38 AM [Jason G] a 5lb tank for instance costs a few dollers less thank a 10 lb tank but lasts HALF as long a 10 lb tank may last you 6 month and a 5lb one 3 months before getting a refill.
9:40:03 AM [Jason G] The cst to refill  a 5 may be $10 and a 10# $11
9:40:29 AM [Visitor] OK so I only save a few inches height but save on refil cost and time cost.
9:40:38 AM [Jason G] exactly
9:40:46 AM [Visitor] And spend $20 up front
9:40:57 AM [Jason G] That is correct
9:41:10 AM [Visitor] So I will take me 20 refils to recoup but 20 trips to the place
9:41:17 AM [Visitor] saved
9:42:19 AM [Jason G] no not really becuase remember you may be spending 1 more for a 10# refill but you are getting 2x as much co2 gas for your aquarium
9:42:32 AM [Visitor] Yes OK
9:43:16 AM [Visitor] Ok so in my cart I have to combo system you sent and the canister
9:43:23 AM [Visitor] That is all I need right?
9:43:48 AM [Jason G] thats it and the reactor
9:43:50 AM [Visitor] It includes the 1000 aquamedic
9:43:58 AM [Jason G] you will have everything you need
9:44:07 AM [Jason G] you need to choose the drop down box
9:44:12 AM [Visitor] OK, so I'm trusting you taht I can do this!!!
9:44:17 AM [Jason G] for the reactor 1000 by aquamedic
9:44:25 AM [Visitor] I did
9:44:45 AM [Visitor] I have a beautiful tank with great plants but want to grow some that need more co2
9:44:48 AM [Jason G] ok i will look the order over when it comes in as well as i am the only one here today lucky me
9:45:02 AM [Visitor] Well you have been very helpful
9:45:07 AM [Visitor] thanks so much
9:45:15 AM [Jason G] you will see a HUGE increase in growth , and colr
9:45:17 AM [Jason G] thank you
9:45:35 AM [Jason G] would love to see some pictures of your freshwater aquarium if you have them
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Follow Up to co2 for aquariums questions

Drinda Had some questions after getting here co2 equipment @ home and needed some basic help


I received my CO2 system today.  I am wondering if you have thorough detailed instructions which you can send me.  I have limited instructions with 3 parts.  Jeff had said that this system comes with EVERYTHING I need.  Is there a time I can live chat if you don't have detailed instructions?  I will go tomorrow and get my CO2 tank filled. 

Solenoid Regulator Instructions

Step 1 refers to Teflon tape.  Can I use regular plumbing Teflon tape or is this something special and different just for gasses?  NO teflon tape came with my equipment, but I do have some teflon plumbing tape.
Step 2 says that I should have 2 white plastic washers which are "essential to prevent gas leaks".  I did not receive 2 white plastic washers.  Should you send me those?
I did find the washers, Thanks.
Step 6 says to plug this into my light timer.  I don't understand why I should do this.  I thought the entire reason for this piece of equipment was to turn on and off the CO2 as my aquarium needed it.   So... if it's dark and the plants need it less it would just turn the CO2 off.  Am I doing that so it won't alter the ph each night and have to turn off?  So with no electricity it automatically turns off my CO2, right?
General Why do I have a needle valve on the solenoid for precision  adjustments, since it says it is adjusted from the factory at 1.5?  What is this for?

Portable pH Meter Instructions (Numbered bullet from the top)
Step 3
If electrode has been left dry soak in M1000B rinse solution...  I don't have that, do I?  I have some viscous solution in a specimen cup.  What is that solution and what is it for?
Step 5.  Immerse tip into the sample... Is this sample the aquarium water.  I understand that this electrode is to remain at all times in the aquarium - correct?
Note: Matter of no fuse in the meter.  It says "it is recommended to protecteed it outside, against failure".  What do you mean?  Are you talking about a surge protector or some type of GFI plug?  Can you get a GFI plug that is not in your wall?  I can use a surge protector - would that work?
Do I need to adjust this?  Your slip in the box says it is already adjusted to 7.  Isn't that this step?
Calibration Procedure
Step 4 says I need pH4 Calibration solution.  I don't have that.  I just have pH7 - UNLESS this is the viscous solution?  Was I supposed to get pH4 solution?

CO@ reactor 1000
1.  How do I know if the circulation pump is too strong?
2.  It says the top hose fitting connection (2) is for a 16/18mm hose and the lower hose fitting connection (8) is for  ah 12/16, 1/2 inch hose back to the aquarium.  Both ends measure 1/2 inch.  The tubing from my canister filter is only one size and I believe that is an inch.  If I use the canister water flow it will restrict the filtration and I wonder if that won't put stress on my pump.  How would I hook it up to my pump since they are different diameters?
3.  It says I can directly mount it to the cabinet but pieces 6 and 7 are glued together in the unit you sent me.  I do have some sort of slide piece which is not pictured anywhere on your instructions.   I don't know what this piece is for.
4.  How often do I have to check the reactor 1000 to remove any false gas after initial start-up?
5.  How do you fix the working pressure of the regulator to 1-2 bar when it says it is fixed to 1.5 bar?  See step #3 under appliance setting.  My instructions for the regulator don't say anything like this.  My regulator has 2 gauges.  It says the regulator has been factory set.  So aren't I supposed to skip this step.  Don't I just open the CO2 tank up all the way? 

8:49:12 AM [Jason G] hello how can i help you
8:49:20 AM [Visitor] SO good to see you
8:49:25 AM [Visitor] I sent you a message
8:49:29 AM [Visitor] An email
8:49:31 AM [Visitor] this is drinda
8:49:39 AM [Visitor] I got my CO2 stuff
8:49:47 AM [Visitor] I have ??? about how to set it up
8:49:53 AM [Visitor] Can you get my email?

8:50:49 AM [Jason G] not yet just got into the office and going through emails now give me a minute and i will find it what is your email address
8:51:10 AM [Visitor] xxxxxxx
8:51:16 AM [Jason G] brb
8:51:37 AM [Jason G] teflon plumbing tape is fine
8:52:01 AM [Jason G] #2 i see you took care of
8:52:21 AM [Jason G] no step 6 instead of the time use the sms 122 plug in spot
8:52:48 AM [Jason G] you set your bubbles per second on the needle valve
8:53:06 AM [Visitor] What do you mean Step 6
8:53:14 AM [Jason G] bubbble counter fluid in the spec cup
8:53:29 AM [Jason G] Step 6 says to plug this into my light timer.  I don't understand why I should do this.  I thought the entire reason for this piece of equipment was to turn on and off the CO2 as my aquarium needed it.   So... if it's dark and the plants need it less it would just turn the CO2 off.  Am I doing that so it won't alter the ph each night and have to turn off?  So with no electricity it automatically turns off my CO2, right?

8:53:51 AM [Visitor] It said to fill with water. That is what we didi. So we should dump it out and use specimen cup?
8:54:19 AM [Jason G] step 5 yes the probe stays in the aquarium water
8:54:51 AM [Jason G] I would use the bubble counter fluid for your regulator  as it is thicker and will not evaporate like water
8:54:54 AM [Visitor] Yes I know what I said about Step 6. Do you mean just forget it and plug it into PH adjuster sms 122 controller
8:55:02 AM [Jason G] fill 1/2 to 3/4 full not a bit more
8:55:08 AM [Jason G] yes
8:55:17 AM [Visitor] OK on fluid
8:55:22 AM [Jason G] Surge supressor is fine
8:55:40 AM [Jason G] set point is the point where the sms 122controller turns off the co2
8:56:05 AM [Jason G] for aquarium use the manufact sugtgest only calibrating with 7.0 solution not the 4.o
8:56:29 AM [Jason G] reactto 1000  questions from your email
8:56:33 AM [Jason G] reactor
8:56:47 AM [Visitor] SO forget that about 4.0 that is in instructions from manufacturere?
8:56:55 AM [Jason G]  The only way it would be 2 strong is if large bubbles were coming out of your co2 reactor
8:56:59 AM [Jason G] yes
8:57:56 AM [Jason G] you would need an second size tube from home depot to make the connections secure i would bring both the reactor and your pump if they are differnt
8:58:28 AM [Visitor] I got different size tubing.
8:58:33 AM [Jason G] k
8:58:48 AM [Visitor] I need some sort of T to branch off to different size
8:58:54 AM [Visitor] They say they dont' sell that
8:59:10 AM [Jason G] yes the manufacturer aquamedic now glues that piece on for some reason
8:59:18 AM [Visitor] Will have to find it some where to go from 1" to 1/2"
8:59:45 AM [Jason G] removing excess co2 you really should rarely if ever have to
9:00:02 AM [Jason G] that would been you are not getting enough water flow from your pump
9:01:02 AM [Visitor] So I plug in the regulator thing to the sms 122
9:01:02 AM [Jason G] whcih co2 regulator do you have
9:01:07 AM [Jason G] yes
9:01:26 AM [Visitor] Soleniod regualtor
9:01:31 AM [Jason G] brand\
9:01:42 AM [Visitor] JBJ
9:01:43 AM [Jason G] jbj milwaukee aquamedc
9:01:54 AM [Visitor] yes
9:02:05 AM [Visitor] the automatic one
9:02:09 AM [Jason G] yes just once the regulator is on then you can open the valve make sure the neddel valve is shut
9:02:18 AM [Visitor] ok
9:02:39 AM [Jason G] anything else i can help you with
9:02:43 AM [Visitor] So do I want to plug that into my lights with a timer or just a regular plug
9:04:11 AM [Jason G] the sms 122  has 2 plugs both get  plugged into wall
9:05:28 AM [Jason G] the jbj regulator solenoid gets plugged intot he back of one of the sms122
9:05:35 AM [Jason G] this is what automated the co2
9:05:47 AM [Visitor] Great
9:05:59 AM [Visitor] So no timer for it, just for my lights of course
9:06:46 AM [Visitor] So for my wall mount for the reactor 1000 by aqua-medicI just have to cut that top part off and screw it into my cabinet
9:07:32 AM [Jason G] yes a dremel tool is what aqua medic suggested one time before when i contacted them on the reactor 1000 and that issue with it
9:08:23 AM [Visitor] It talked about if the tip of teh PH meter dried out that I should soak it in Milwaukee M1000B solution
9:08:26 AM [Visitor] I don't have that
9:08:34 AM [Visitor] Is it the same as the rinse solution?
9:09:03 AM [Visitor] I haven't removed the cap to see if it is dry or not
9:09:11 AM [Visitor] since I couldn't do it yet
9:10:03 AM [Jason G] that salty solution is actuly a protective solution the manufacturer milwaukee puts on it you can remove it but do not cross contaminate your original solution though or you will not have a true calibrated instrument
9:10:31 AM [Visitor] Why do they say to adjust to 4.0 on the back of the ph meter with the little screwdriver they also include it they don't expect you to do it?
9:11:05 AM [Visitor] So wierd
9:11:51 AM [Jason G] they use this for other applications as well.  For aquarium use ( they used to have a card in thaere that said this) they suggest only calibrating with the 7.0
9:11:59 AM [Visitor] SO when you reclaibrate it once a month you just do the 7.0 calibration on the front, right?
9:12:31 AM [Jason G] you calibrate with the screwdriver and  calibration solution
9:12:40 AM [Jason G] stick probe in solution
9:12:42 AM [Jason G] Get reading
9:12:51 AM [Jason G] Pop of backing
9:13:00 AM [Jason G] look for the 7 setting
9:13:10 AM [Jason G] turn screw till 7.0 is reached
9:14:12 AM [Visitor] Ok this is the place in the front for the 7 PH?
9:14:35 AM [Jason G] no it is the same place where the instructions say teh 4/7 and 10 are
9:15:04 AM [Jason G] i dont have a meter in front of me but there is a little screwdriver slot on all units
9:15:16 AM [Jason G] that you adjust the ph
9:15:20 AM [Jason G] NOT THE SETPOINT
9:15:44 AM [Jason G] the set point is when you want the co2 to turn off
9:15:57 AM [Jason G] you are calibrating the machine so it knows what true 7.0 is
9:16:04 AM [Jason G] 7.01 actuall
9:16:32 AM [Visitor] I get that, but my unit has a slot in the front that says calibration that the instruction s say is the place you calibrate to 7.0
9:16:45 AM [Visitor] It also has one in the back taht it say to calibrate to 4.0
9:17:02 AM [Jason G] BRB let me get a sms 122  i need to go to the warehouse though
9:17:49 AM [Visitor] I see the place under the cover that you can adjust with the srewdriver in the back. That adjusts the readout?
9:19:54 AM [Jason G] loks like the one in the front is the 7.0 with the sms122
9:21:04 AM [Visitor] ok, so what I am adjusting is the reading so that it says 7.0 when it's in my 7.0 solution
9:21:06 AM [Visitor] right?
9:22:39 AM [Visitor] When I use that little screwdriver in the slot it will adjust the reading in the little screen to be true to the 7.0 ph that the solution is, right?
9:23:04 AM [Jason G] this is correct
9:23:11 AM [Visitor] Ok, I think I have it now.
9:23:41 AM [Visitor] So then I don't need to do anything with the back
9:23:56 AM [Visitor] because the front screw adjusts the reading
9:24:13 AM [Jason G] that is correct
9:24:18 AM [Visitor] Ok
9:24:42 AM [Visitor] I will find my plumbing t today and hopefully get this set up.
9:24:50 AM [Visitor] I had a horrid time finding Carbon dioxide gas refill shops
9:25:02 AM [Jason G] great have fun and this will make a huge difference on your tank
9:25:03 AM [Visitor] All the places around here don't fill tanks they just exchange them out
9:25:16 AM [Visitor] I would have to go to WACO 2 hrs away for it
9:25:41 AM [Visitor] One of the places agreed to send my tank to Waco to get if filled and then send it back
9:25:43 AM [Jason G] look up fire extinguisher and fire extinguisher refill shops
9:25:55 AM [Visitor] They told me to only use one washer also
9:25:57 AM [Jason G] Also call paintball ships they will be able to tell you who refills locally
9:26:08 AM [Visitor] I did paint ball but their nozzels are different
9:26:34 AM [Visitor] So should I use only one washer or 2
9:28:10 AM [Jason G] yes only one   but they should be able to direct you to a local shop who refills paintball canisters
9:28:23 AM [Visitor] Got new plants from Arizona Aquatic gardens SO am looking forward to this
9:29:18 AM [Visitor] Well I get my canister back today filled. Since I only have to do this about 2 times a year I will just do without CO2 for a the few days it takes them to send it out and get it back
9:30:38 AM [Visitor] Wasn't expecting it to be so hard to fill. The paint ball place refills but has a different nozzle. Maybe there are other paint ball places with different nozzels, I don't know. Least it's done now.
9:31:35 AM [Visitor] Thanks for your help. I think I know what I'm supposed to do now. You need a person to write a set of instructions for your combo units. It would be so much better.
9:35:41 AM [Jason G] i will see about having someone makeing a set of instructions on aquarium set up