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Aquarium Package co2 system deal With Ma957 Co2 Regulator

All Packages will include Items below including the ma957 co2 regulator and sms122 ph controller.  Please use the Co2 reactor upgrade option to choose none or an upgrade if you would like one
ALL items or similar items included in this picture to the left of this
Milwaukee Instruments deluxe automated co2 kit are included.

  • 1 Ma957 co2 regulator ( includes solenoid valve)
  • 1 Milwaukee instruments ph - co2 controller sms 122
  • tubing co2 proof not the junk others will give you
  • 1 bubble counter screws in to the regulator
  • Bubble counter fluid
  • (2) bottles of 7.0 calibration solution
  • (1) bottle of electrode cleaning solution for the sms122 ph controller

Be sure to choose the type of reactor you would like and a tank if you need one for your aquarium.


  • 1 sms 122 co2 automatic shutoff made by milwaukee
  • 1 JBJ REGULATOR, solenoid valve, and bubble counter. Dual guage regulator displays output pressure and bottle pressure. Standard American CO2 bottle connection. made by JBJ
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