55-60 PSI 5/16 Barb all units

7550-60 PSIG Primary Beer Regulator

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This is an ideal regulator for co2 (CGA320) or nitrogen (CGA580).  Used in the aquarium industry when a solenoid is not needed and beer making - beverage industry.

Availble in single of dual gauge configurations.
Highly desirable for wine, and beer kegs containers with lower pressures. 
See more details on this Beer regulator.

  • Each co2 and nitrogen regulator is equiped with a built in "Sentry" type valve desigend to protect the system from over pressurization.
  • The Keg device means the  product container can never  exceed the preset level of 55-60 psig prior to shutdown
  • After shutoff no pressure can enter the system
  • Models utilizing nitrogen gas ( beer home brewing- wine makeing  with the CGA 580 valve)
  • All units feature a shutt of valve