• Description


  • Forged brass body
  • Polished chrome bonnet
  • Easy-to-read single scale 1½" gauges
  • 1-5/8" tri-layered reinforced neoprene diaphragm
  • Mechanical stem type seat
  • Porous metal inlet filter
  • Rear inlet cylinder connection
  • Forged brass adjusting screw with locking retaining ring
  • Blow off disc type pressure relief for low pressure gauge protection only
  • UL Listed

Maximum Inlet 3000 PSIG
Dimensions: Depth: 4½", Width: 4-1/4", Height: 4", Weight: 2 lbs.
Single Stage Regulators have pressure rise of approx. ½ psi (.5) per 100 psi drop in cylinder pressure.
Note: The standard cubic foot per hour flows are obtained with the regulator outlet full open with no restrictions; using a preset outlet pressure and with a decreasing cylinder pressure.
PSIG - pounds per sq. in. gauge   SCFH - standard cu. ft. per hour
F58L (Left hand), F58R (Right hand) Converts regulator outlet from "A" to "B" hose connection