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Dont forget to get these add on units.  You will need the 10.0 solution for saltwater use if getting the controller as it only comes with the 7.0 calibration solution.

ACCESSORIES:  Get from Water Testers . com

MA957:Solenoid Valve with 1.5 meter cable with Dual Pressure Gauge Co2 Regulator, Needle Valve AND Bubble Counter!..... MA955: Solenoid Valve with 1.5 meter cable, includes fittings
MA911B/2: Replacement pH Electrode with BNC Connector and 2 meter cable
MA9004: pH 4.01 Calibration Solution, 220mL Bottle
MA9007: pH 7.01 Calibration Solution, 220mL Bottle
MA9010: pH 10.01 Calibration Solution, 220mL Bottle
MA9016: Cleaning Solution, 220mL Bottle
M1000AB: pH Kit containing 10 sachets of pH 7.01, and 5 sachets of pH 4.01, 10.01 and Electrode Rinse
Bubble Counter Fluid: For your Milwaukee Ma957 Co2 Regulator