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All Co2 tanks regulators are on sale in our shop.

Many people will use a co2 tank for a variety or applications We will list below some of these uses for the gas and canisters.
Welding -( dont forget we sell mig gauges as we). There are many applications in welding that it can be used but high pressure or mig use is the most prevelent.
Aquarium-we have these regulators as well. Co2 Tanks are used in the Aquarium and Aquaculture industries. What saltwater and freshwater folks use it for is increasing plant growth in freshwater and for coral growth in saltwater.
Hydroponic- Plants photosynthesize much quicker with co2 gas. When growing plants hydroponically in a greenhouse this can cause a tremendouse growth. Many Hydroponic growers use a tank and a gauge or pressure regulator in conjunction with a timer.
Racing Cars- Racing uses has a lot of aplications for our units and gauges
Airbrushing - The small controlled release is what pushes the paint out. Airbrushing is an artform that uses our items heavily.
Home Brewing -Making your own beers and lager and other spirits. Home brewing beverage beer making has a heavy following
Beverage - This is a real broad industry. The Beverage industry can be you local mom and pop soda store using carbon dioxide tanks for soda dispensing to Larger companies the produce beverages in bulk and uses with kegs for pressure