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This customer has some General questions on what would be a better fit for his tank.  He does not specify Saltwater or freshwater but we assume freshwater ans no menation of Calcium Reactor is made.

I am interested in one of the Aquarium CO2 combo sets that you have. I have a few questions before I order.

What are the differences in the two and is one better than the other?

Do the co2 regulators come with check valves?

Are they already assembled and ready to put on a CO2 tank?

If I get a tank also is it filled or would I need to have it filled?

I am going to use my canister filter as a reactor so is there anything else I would need to get up and running?

After I order, how long would it take to get it shipped to me? My zip code is xxxxx.

Thank you in advance for your help.



Best Regulator: The jbj co2 regulator comes with an internal check valve and a screw type bubble counter that is why I like that unit better.

You may hook it up to a ph controller  sms122 for on off cycles or a timer for on /  off as it does have a solenoid

This regulator is Already assembled and ready to go
If you are looking for a unit that has a reactor and the ph controller you could try this aquarium co2 set up.

Empty tanks Vs full tanks on shipping.:No you would need to get it filled at a fire extinguisher refill shop or welding refill shop

Co2 Reactor:No you can run it directly into some type of canister filters  Depending on the design of yours though this may not be a good choice ( ehiems are good) some designs allow the carbon dioxide gas to get trapped @ the impeller would could cause a burnout of your motor

Would ship today and arrive in approx 5 days