2.5 lbs co2 tank

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2.5 lbs co2 tank or canister.  One of the smaller tanks we carry at a small price.  This unit is a gem as it is easily transportable.


2.5 lbs co2 tank with brass valve

This tank many times is used as a starter unit. 

 Great for small freshwater planted aquariums or saltwater coral growth. 

We do however suggest the largest size canister you can fit in the space you are putting the unit in.
The 2.5 lb aluminum carbon dioxide tank is also great for beer making, kegs and small spaces.

Aluminum Cylinders are new and certified with recent date stamp for CO2 use in aquarums, beverage dispensing and painball. A CO2 valve is included with a standard fitting for easy connection to all regulators. Cylinders are shipped empty due to safety concerns.

4.25" Diameter
14" Height
1800 PSI
CGA-320 Valve