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Aqua Medic Co2 Bubble counter.

This unit is needed for precision checking of co2 in the aquarium.

  • High-quality Aqua Medic Bubble Counter for controlling CO2 dosage into aquariums.
  • Built-in Check Valve.
  • Easy to fill and empty. Can be used with water or Bubble Counter Liquid for zero evaporation.
  • Place between regulator (or solenoid valve) and the CO2 Reactor so that it remains without pressure.
  • Comes with a removable strong and unique holder with 4 suction cups.
  • Imported from Germany.
  • The Aqua Medic CO2 Bubble Counter is a simple and safe unit for controlling the CO2 dosage into aquariums. It is filled up to the half with water and switched between pressure regulator or solenoid valve and the CO2 reactor, so that it remains without pressure. An integrated check valve prevents water from flowing back.